The Management Toolbox

This is a list of tools and websites with lists of tools that organisations can use to become more efficient, self-aware and responsive to change. I want to list as much tool as I can and welcome your suggestions with pleasure.

Analysis tools

Brainstorming tools

Leadership & Communication


The following links are websites that are specialized in different areas.

Resources on Communication, Project Management, Conflict Management and Strategy. +Corporate Learning Institute. Visit for more!

Specialized in Talent Management. +DDI Visit for more!

Change Management Expert +Torben Rick

Communication Expert +Elena Iacono

Leadership Expert +Dan Forbes

Leadership center +Center for Creative Leadership

Google Collection on OrganizationManagement & Leadership

Google Collection on Self-development & Leadership


Harvard Business Review TED Talks Corporate Learning Institute


A great community that foster innovative thinking about workplaces +TalentCulture - World of Work. Visit also

Leadership +Culture, Change & Leadership, +LeadWithGiantsTV